The G3ZJO Multimode + WSPR Beacon Summer Test

Purveyors of fake junk goods are posting adverts on this blog now, please be aware that counterfeit goods and drug crime go hand in hand. Personally I would not care for ‘real designer’ goods at cheap prices either.

I obtained the go ahead from OfCom to run my MEPT on 10.140073 MHz as a UnMEPT, Solar Powered for the Summer months, in my absence. My proposal contained adequate provision for a close down procedure in the event of problems so all was well.

It was fun observing my own ‘Beacon’ from 750 to 1000Km away and seeing the regular ‘Spots’ of the WSPR signal.

The little unit performed without a glitch for 62 days. On the 63rd day we set sail from Calais in glorious sunshine. 500 meters from the shore the cloud cover obscured the sun. When I arrived home the beacon was off, the battery Voltage, (12 Volt 40 Amp Hour Lead Acid Battery) was 3.3 Volts. Clearly the weather reports of a poor UK summer were right, the Solar Panel, a 1 Amp maximum Amorphous Silicon folding type had not managed to keep the battery with a back up charge. For 4 more days we saw no sun.

I put the battery on mains float charge and started the MEPT all was well and the reports on WSPRnet showed no days without ‘Spots’. Quite a fluke since we stayed 3 more days around Calais than expected due to the superb weather.

There was some doubt when building this project that the required accuracy of the voltages for tone setting would not be stable enough, this test has proved the method published by SM6LKM is totally adequate.

Just in case my Step Morse needs some explanation I will describe, using this example of the signal as received in Belgium.

Starting at the centre line, SPACE level, the signal Steps up representing a DASH, it steps up again representing another DASH, then passing through the center line it goes below representing a DOT, returning to the centre line for a SPACE.

There you have have it Dah Dah Dit a ‘G’.

Now follow the signal, it Steps down once, twice and back to the first level still below the centre line representing three DOTS Stepping up through the centre line for 2 DASHES above and back to the centre for a SPACE.

Dit dit dit Dah dah a ‘3’.

Simple really just look at the last character (Right Click on the Picture and select View Image for full size) a nice Castle 3 Steps all above the centre line an ‘O’

This Mode saves considerably on the time required to send QRSS Morse and has a considerable bandwidth saving over Castle Morse.

There is a coding error on the example above, the first DOT level is smaller than all other Steps. This has now been corrected making reading easier.

Burning an iso Image with Nero7

I don’t like Nero, although it is better now than it used to be.

Nero wrecked my other CD Burning Software.
Nero wrecked my MP3 Player Software.
Nero wrecked my Audio Settings.

Microsoft XP does not provide facilities for Burning an iso Image to CD/DVD, Nero does but why don’t they give some decent instructions?

Nero wrecked a CD by writing a copy iso Image when I wanted a Bootable CD.

Well I am not going to forget the silly process required again. Having made this video I find there are some others on YouTube, at least the one I watched agrees with me.