RF and the Sammy Netbook

Following my recent Portable Trip when I found RF was causing the Touch Pad to Freeze. I have got round to curing the problem and giving the /P set up a test. To save writing it up twice this is what I posted on the Samsung user forum.

My Sammy has behaved faultlessly at home, used to provide coding and decoding of Digital Signals in my Amateur Radio station even when running quite high power levels.

On a recent trip to the coast I ran Sammy, Transceiver and all Domestics, (TV, Broadcast Radio, CD player Lighting, Alarm and Water Pump) on my 50 Watt Solar Panel for 4 days and Sammy came home fully charged by the Sun.

One problem showed itself on Sammy, due to proximity to the Transmitting Antenna it was impossible to run more than a few hundred milliWatts. The Touch Pad froze in the RF Field. In the absence of any other mouse it was impossible to lower the RF level once activated as the operations needs a working Touch Pad. Although most frustrating, the low power signals I could run actually made it to China, something I have not done from home 🙂

The installation used the same leads, Audio In/Out and USB to Serial, both fully transformer and opto Isolated as used at home. It was difficult to run any tests whilst away from home although coiling both leads close to Sammy allowed a little more RF power to be used.

As soon as I good get round to it I made up a shorter Audio lead and wound around 10 turns onto a Maplin QT26D Ferrite Ring. Likewise the USB Lead was passed through another QT26D with about 10 turns in all. The rings are as close as possible to the plugs that go into Sammy.
On test with the same Antenna and Portable installation on the drive at home the Touch Pad behaved impeccably at high power levels and at 10MHz and 50MHz.

I have not seen this problem on any Laptop Computers before. Due to the very low RF field involved it could explain any touch Pad freeze ups when Sammies are used in certain locations and with external leads.


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