500KHz across the Pond

What an intersting ( spelling intentional, it often turns out that way with my typing and is hard to spot, it is now one of my edipropisms) band 500KHz is.

Yesterday I modified my antenna, its now an inverted L, it tuned fine, I had regular Spots from 4 stations in the afternoon, the most stations ever at one time. At 19.44 GMT Spots ceased, sometimes this happens as the Ground Wave signal attenuates after dark, stations tend to return later and are normally solid by 01.00 GMT. The operation pattern of RX’ing stations can cause total black out too of course 🙂 I had no Spots throughout the night this is most unusual.

Maybe I was a little off tune with my Loading Coil G7KTN Spotted me this morning after I re-tuned.

However, here is the intersting bit, I tried my Antenna on receive, SM6BHZ was very strong, audible, the band was very quiet, computer QRM is much less without the Top Load arm which headed toward the house.
I received a Spot with a # call.

091215 2252 5 -30 -0.3 0.503902 # FN42PB 30 0 2 0

Just another duff Spot? No, I recognised the QRA WD2XSH has a beacon in that square, to send the /17 he will be forcing WSPR2 to send a 6 digit locator hence the #.
Only two other UK stations copied anything from across the Pond in the USA as far as I can tell last night.

2009-12-16 07:14 WD2XSH/17 0.503889 -23 0 FN42pb +30 1.000 M0LMH IO93gx 5098 3168
2009-12-15 22:32 WD2XSH/17 0.503891 -25 0 FN42pb +30 1.000 G0HNW IO93cn 5089 3162

My Antenna without much Top Loading is not so efficient as a Vertical, with some Horizontal polarisation it is doing a good job on the DX.


The Antenna was miss tuned,in the failing light slight falling snow and miserable cold I didn’t spot that I was actually going through a peak at maximum Inductance available which was not quite enough, near enough for RX’ing of course.


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