500KHz signal comparison

The reports from G7NKS the mid way station between G3XBM and G3ZJO tonight are showing only the 15dB Power difference between XBM 5.0Watts and ZJO 0.160Watts.

Ignore the WSPR indicated Power levels.

2009-12-16 22:28 G3ZJO 0.503806 -25 0 IO92ng 0.05 G7NKS IO92ub 46 120
2009-12-16 22:28 G3XBM 0.503885 -10 1 JO02dg 0.001 G7NKS IO92ub 46 240

I am working on a quick change system for my 2 Loading Coils for comparison purposes, I still alternate between my link coupled Racal Glass Fibre former coil and the Trifila tap coupled one.
If only it would stop raining tests would be much easier.


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