FCC give thanks

The FCC has contacted the author to express their thanks for the technical information provided on this blog.

Agent 36543210 said:-

Thank you for pointing out that ROS Digital is merely a 2.4kHz wide MFSK mode and that even if Spread Spectrum Techniques are used, any coding algorithm involved cannot be secret and used as a cipher for nefarious purposes as the software freely provided contains the algorithm for both coding and decoding the signal.

We now understand that if we downloaded the software we would automatically have the means to both determine the nature of the mode and decode and monitor all transmission made using the software.

Given this revelation we hereby declare the mode legal in the whole known inhabited earth.

Thank you

Your indebted servants FCC (Fred Karno’s Circus)

With just a little poetic licence regarding the acronym letters used.

Please note:-
This post is a joke. Just in case you haven’t realised by now. At least it is an attempt at humour, in no way could it compare in hilarity to any real life story.

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