New RSGB Band Plan 2010

Like all things the Internet brings good and bad points. Good in that information is rapidly available. Bad in that the old information stays ‘for ever’.

Search for RSGB Band Plan and you get this OLD ONE with a note that 40m will be re-planned before March 2009bandplan-old


Is this because you are a fool, maybe you should have searched for RSGB Band Plan 2010 the exact title on the top of the plan. Not so, the nearest you get is a front page picture of the February 2010 RadCom Magazine in which the new plan was printed.

Second from top in the search is HF DXer here there is a Feb 2010 reference but the multi page Adobe plan is the 2007 vintage model.

The seventh item that a Google Search brings up contains February 2006 in the title.

Maybe this blog will change that situation.

No wonder there is yet more ill feeling among Hams, the new IARU Plan was agreed in 2008. Published by the RSGB in February 2010 RadCom and still hardly anyone has heard about the changes to the 40m plan.
Once again communication is what the communicators do really badly. I am not going to copy the RSGB plan and publish it here, that is for the RSGB to do.

Here is a tabulation of the Major changes on 40m.

7.000-7.040 is now Telegraphy

7.040-7.050 500Hz Narrow Band Modes

7.050-7.060 2.7khHz Digimodes

7.060-7.200 2.7kHz All Modes Voice

Some German stations have decided to cause QRM to PSK31 users with high power CW transmissions in order to let them know the changes. Many will be stubborn I am sure. Me, I shall be where the Band Plan says for the mode I am using. At least then I can complain about the QRM caused by some fools who still insist on using phone around 7.030.

BTW, the RSGB almost got it right this year. The annual Band Plan was always a pull out supplement in RadCom, I have them in my drawer in my shack for reference. Then one year they gave the job of producing it to their staff member, the spotty school leaver lad who has no interest in radio. The Band Plan was bound within the Magazine I disassembled mine and re built both, the mag now had parts of articles missing and the Band plan was a mess. I wrote to the RSGB pointing this out. I seem to remember that despite no acknowledgement of my mail the plan was pull out again for a time.
Then it crept back to being an inseparable part of the February issue. This year you can pull it out but the back page contains the first page of an article so you ruin your archive able magazine.
There are innumerable adverts that could have gone on that back page, hey RSGB maybe an advert on a long lasting pull out could even carry a premium. Another little thing that spotty lad knows nothing about is that the Band plan used to not have sequential magazine page numbers on it. Why is it now far beyond the mind of man (spotty school leaver) to number the 6 page plan i ii iii iv v vi, nah! that was the ancient Romans that did that and they knew nothing about radio.

EDIT 15March I have noted that the new plan is now on the RSGB site if you manage the right search. Is that not the nicest front page of irrelevant information you have ever seen?
In answer to queries, the new plan was effective from 1st January 2010 according the February RadCom. The above web version says 29th March regarding 40m, oh dear! are you confused yet.

GW6ITJ has gone to the trouble of producing a nice Graphical Plan which can be viewed, downloaded or printed, (2 pages).

I think this was printed in Practical Wireless. Of course there are those who say that this is not the ‘official plan’ due to the personalisation. Those who do not want to comply only need the slightest excuse.


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