9kHz Radio – The Dreamers Band

Just a short while ago the subject of operation below 9kHz was mentioned, the chief LF grump, sceptic, policeman and expert said “you are all dreamers and won’t get over your garden fence at that frequency”.

The band became the “Dreamers Band”, DK7FC with some youth on his side got moving, yesterday he carried out a second test, using a kite flown 100m vertical wire his signal was identified to all but the greatest sceptics at a distance of 830km.

I can only sit back in awe of the expertise and energy involved and marvel at the results and the pictures on Stefan’s Site. Congratulations to him and all involved.

BTW regarding the snow picture, in the UK such conditions would force most of the population to abscond from work and public transport to be cancelled, someone could slip you know.


2 thoughts on “9kHz Radio – The Dreamers Band

  1. It vibrates the earth at that frequency and goes straight through the earth doesn’t it?
    Or maybe it vibrates the brain and interferes with the heart pulses.
    Forgotten just about all my radio comms theory, that’s what happens when you kip in the class.
    As you were.


  2. I don’t think any systems actually work acoustically. The cave radio stuff is electromagnetic ground loop comms. The German experiment is true radio with the antenna producing a groundwave and skywave signal.

    I have a question for you keep meaning to ask on your blog.

    .-.-. …-.-


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