Taking the 500kHz Loop Mobile

My portable 500kHz loop is RX only so of course my /M trip with it yesterday was to see how it receives.
I drove to a local village, on the journey I received the signal from G4JNT at quite impressive signal strengths.

2010-03-02 15:08 G4JNT -24 0 IO90iv +23 0.200 IO92/M IO92 177 110
2010-03-02 15:44 G4JNT -17 0 IO90iv +23 0.200 IO92/M IO92 177 110
2010-03-02 15:54 G4JNT -15 0 IO90iv +23 0.200 IO92/M IO92 177 110

The loop was on the floor of my camping car, when static I found that it performed less well on the table.

Admission, my daily make a fool of yourself, I have deleted the frequency from the WSPR reports, I changed the WSPR call sign to IO92/M to prevent confusion but left the dial frequency on 50MHz. Oh dear those reports would look much better if the frequencies were right.

Once parked in the village I put the loop on the verge 300mm off the ground. The results were superb since G4YKE’s HF antenna in the same village produces -26dB from G4JNT.

2010-03-02 15:26 G4JNT -8 0 IO90iv +23 0.200 IO92/M IO92 177 110

Other longer tests will follow when I have more time and the weather is better.


ROS Digi Mode

I am about to try the latest ROS version, I understand it has sound card selection which will be nice. As a mode it seems to perform pretty well.
For Meteor Scatter and Moon Bounce I can’t see it being as good as the JT modes. The need for a full valid set of synchronising signals means it can’t work with short pings. Also now if ROS receives invalid characters after sync it cancels. Now that could be a bit annoying.