Advertisers of Fake Designer Goods

Purveyors of fake junk goods are posting adverts on this blog now, please be aware that counterfeit goods and drug crime go hand in hand. Personally I would not care for ‘real designer’ goods at cheap prices either.

It is a shame that can’t do anything to stop these nuisance postings to Comments. Other than restricting comments to members only (not good) I can’t see a way round it. I don’t get or see the problem on blogger, mind you this could be due to the low Google rating of blogger, blogs. I suppose you can’t have everything.


4 thoughts on “Advertisers of Fake Designer Goods

    1. Yes sure I have had success with removal of the, no content, 2000 friends and looking for love brigade. But these are different. They post here in the comments, I have to come and remove them myself.

      Do you get them?


      1. Ah, comment spam. I just delete them, usually, and report them where possible. A pain, for sure. I’ve not had many lately. That was probably the wrong thing to say…


      2. Hah! definitely the wrong thing to say.
        They have reached high pain level here, hence the post, sometimes 5 a day. Ugg boots, handbags, jewellery, footware etc. I even changed a blog entry name to ‘boycot cheap designer junk’ and still they post their adds as comments. They must have the been passed/sold the link. I even get adds in Chines characters.


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