Finland on 630m QRP OH8HTG plus 10Meters Also

Using my Home Brew 10W PA and 6m x 6m Inverted L on 630m, ERP certainly no more than the indicated 10mW I got a new distance record last night.

OH8HTG is 2051Km away.

2014-10-25 00:20 G3ZJO 0.475771 -33 0 IO92ng 0.01 OH8HTG KP34di 2051 39


OH8HTG is also active on 28MHz WSPR and doing a test with Horizontal and Vertical Antennas it seems. My 100mW WSPR on 28MHz uses a 5/8 Vertical antenna mounted on a ground post. Reception reports from OH8THG are consistently 3 to 4dB (sometimes more) up when he uses a Vertical antenna.

2014-10-25 12:42 G3ZJO 28.126171 -15 0 IO92ng 0.1 OH8HTG/V KP34di 2051 39
2014-10-25 12:32 G3ZJO 28.126173 -12 0 IO92ng 0.1 OH8HTG/V KP34di 2051 39
2014-10-25 12:02 G3ZJO 28.126172 -15 0 IO92ng 0.1 OH8HTG/V KP34di 2051 39

2014-10-25 11:22 G3ZJO 28.126172 -18 0 IO92ng 0.1 OH8HTG/H KP34di 2051 39
2014-10-25 11:12 G3ZJO 28.126170 -26 0 IO92ng 0.1 OH8HTG/H KP34di 2051 39
2014-10-25 10:12 G3ZJO 28.126172 -19 0 IO92ng 0.1 OH8HTG/H KP34di 2051 39

It is nice to see such tests being carried out.

VLF Solar Activity Monitor – Correlation of Cause and Effect

Today I spotted a smaller SID at around 09:45 UTC on my VLF SID Monitor it was possibly too small to trigger any e-mail alerts.

In this instance it is interesting too take a look at the Goes Satellite Data, this shows us the cause.


The plot from my VLF Monitor shows the effect.


From the bottom :-
Red Pen – Band Noise Increased.
Black Pen – NAA USA Sharp Signal Strength Enhancement.
Green Pen – 16.4KHz Noise Increased.
Dark Blue Pen – GBZ UK Sharp Signal Strength Enhancement.
Mauve Pen – FTA France 2dB Drop in Signal Strength.
Light Blue Pen – DHO38 2dB Drop in Signal Strength.
Orange Pen – GQD UK – Sharp 7dB Drop in Signal Strength.

Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances

There has been an increase in Sun activity lately (Solar Flares) whilst it is nice to get e-mail alerts from observers and see captures of the effects from other Hams, it is nice to monitor them live for yourself.

Yesterday I started my VLF SID Monitor and uploaded it to my VLF Grabber. After some tinkering I looked at my mail and sure enough there was a Flare just one hour before I started monitoring proper from then on the signals were flat.

Well tomorrow / today is another day, so again I did some more setting up and ran a fast and slow version with some different stations monitored. There were at least two Flares overnight and early morning while my set up was off, so would I have a chance to see any more.

Yes at 15:02 local 14:02 UTC. The effects can bee seen in the Captures.


Full recovery from this bombardment took around one and a half hours.

I have prepared my VLF Grabber for the United Nations Day October 24, 2014 at 10:00 UTC SAQ transmission on 17.2KHz so I will be running daily until then. The message SAQ is at 10.00 UTC with tuning up from 09.30 UTC.

Take a look at the Video put together by which shows the GOES Satellite Data, predicted effects and video images of the Flare from different sensors.