WSPR on 23cm and WSPRx 8 v.xxxx

It was only a matter of time before G6AVK got set up for 1296MHz again and he won the challenge to get some signals 2 way outside the county on 23cm.

2015-11-04 13:08  G3ZJO  1296.501599  -18  0 	 IO92ng   2 	G6AVK 	 JO01ho

I was amazed to find that WSPRx does not cope with 1296MHz. I told JT years ago that in the WSPR display field the data is Nomadic. That is it wanders about the display and is not aligned with the Labels above. I even gave him the code to cure it which I was using when I compiled WSPR for Linux, the advice was not appreciated.

Well not only has the 1296.501xxx wandered across into the DT column making the display look horrific, it does the same in ALL WSPR.txt so the  Spots are not uploaded. I have to manually edit all reports by adding a [SPACE] between DT and Freq.


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