Linux Attitude Jockeys

I just Googled the term ‘Attitude Jockey’ it is a term I have been using since 2003/2004 when I first started looking at Linux.

There are some beautiful people who are keen on Linux and are willing to help and encourage the newbie. Back then I was fortunate to have Phil for the enthusiasm and Gena for the on air help, hours of it.

Then there are the Systems guys, some are great, some ride on a horse called Attitude in the 3.30 to Glory.
I was running TCPIP over radio. I contacted a guy and asked a question. “Don’t you know the answer to that”? he replied in caps.
“Well, do you know if I knew the answer, I would not have asked the question”.

It seems that around that time I may well have invented the term ‘Attitude Jockey’ every person I use to term to understands what I mean.

The Jockeys are still there, not only hiding under the Linux umbrella. They still ride the horse called Attitude, but that horse is always a loser.

WSJT – WSPR Compiles

Of course Joe Taylor is right, he wrote the software.

There are all sorts of pitfalls when compiling WSJT and WSPR. Some of the things effected are bizarre. For instance ‘Program crashes when entering TX frequency in a box’, problem goes when compiled with the old obsolete g95 Fortran compiler.

I don’t even want to venture into reason and rights and wrongs, my natural feelings are toward the latest developments.

The Report Labels obviously are OK when compiled for Windows. Linux treats them differently, they wander round the GUI like lost sheep.
I have cured that with a GUI re design and I like it, all the ‘keep your eye on’ bits in one region. Believed to be stable on Debian and Ubuntu 8.10 here she is.

Right Click and Select View Image for full size.


WSPR Compiled Travels

It took only a fraction of a second to send my Compile to Denmark for an Alpha test.

Unfortunately it takes almost an hour to make sure all the required libraries are installed on the machine. But it works.oz1pif


The above Grab is after an all night run on the popular Linux Ubuntu 8.10.

The Report Labels need sorting when used on a higher definition monitor.

I have had zero crashes but Denmark seems to have a crash mechanism for WSJT and WSPR software.

WSPR simple install Kubuntu 8.04

The XYL thinks I am spending a lot of time on this project, she is right. So whilst the result of today’s efforts is sending signals and pulling in Spots on 80m, little me has been playing Scrabble with some visitors.

I have never been one for Games, the socialising is the fun bit, I like to have a joke and a gripe about the cheating that goes on, who cares really. Then I pull my piece de resistance. “Hmm, I think I need to get an L an I an F and an E”.

The visitors have departed and I checked out the 80m results and how WSPR – Linux is doing on Kubuntu 8.04. one of the Distros that stopped Compiling WSPR this month. It compiled Version 1.01 and ran fine. Version 1.1 goes the same way WSJT on 8.04, it won’t run.

Right Click on the picture and select View Image for full size.kubu804


I think I am there, a small easy to install easy to run file, easy instructions for success for a new comer to Linux. Well, I can understand my instructions 🙂

Linux is great Linux is stable Linux is Free we need to get the Ham community running some good modern software and show what can be done.

Next step maybe Ubuntu but I don’t hold out much hope for 8.10, 8.04 should install OK.