G3ZJO VLF 8.9kHz UK Grabber

I have produced a back up Grabber for VLF and Dreamers Band. The original is a one page manual refresh simple system. Next is a minimal memory multi window auto refresh. The latest can carry more information links and such things as the SAQ video posted here yesterday.

One thing I always say is you can’t have too many Grabbers:DD No seriously it is good to have a back up when the likes of Lycos are happy to delete your site and lose all your data at will. They never did answer any of my emails asking where my sites had gone.

New Grabber is at :- G3ZJO VLF Grabber

SAQ 17.2kHz Test 14th April 2011



There will be an extra transmission with the Alexanderson alternator on 17.2 kHz on Thursday April 14th 2011 at 12:45 UTC with tuning up some time before.

The transmission is directed to “The 5TH European Conference on Antennas and Propagation” in Rome, Italy.

So read a message from the group that activates the historic radio transmitter.

For more information about this mechanical transmitter, yes no IC’s, Transistors or Valves, Google – Grimeton VLF transmitter also see Wikipedia.

I recorded today’s transmission LISTEN TO HISTORY

Communicating on 8.9kHz

Only a year ago some EU Hams wondered what could be achieved by Hams on VLF. “You are all Dreamers, you will never get beyond your own garden fence” said an old hand in the UK.
Well experimenters ARE Dreamers, Dreamers Band was born.

I struggled for a long time to get good results, I have had an interest in VLF for years but I have never achieved a good antenna set up. Now I run one of the EU Grabbers on which I have seen tests from Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Czech Republic as well as the UK.

View My UK Dreamers Band Grabber.

For more information on Dreamers Band see Sub9kHz Website.

Saturday on Dreamers Band 8.9kHz

Weather conditions in Germany prevented the hoped for signals from DK7FC using his kite flown antennas. This frustrated RX station must wait longer to see how strong Stefans’ signal will be. On previous occasions when Stephan tested, the antenna and operator at this end were both rubbish.

It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good fortunately, G3XIZ managed to get his kite aloft for several hours and the resulting signal here was the best yet. The capture below shows his transmit period from 05.00 UTC to 20.00 UTC, the stronger signal, 16dB above the noise average is when the kite was aloft.