TalkTalk Withdraws Web Hosting

On the 19th of April I received this e-mail.

We’re closing down TalkTalk Webspace

Dear TalkTalk Customer,
From 16 July 2018 some important changes are happening that will affect the content you have on
We’ll no longer offer our Webspace product from that date as we are closing down our Webspace platform. That means if you want your content to remain on the web, you’ll need to move it to a new platform.
We’re sorry that we’ve had to make these changes, and that’s why we’re making the whole process as seamless as possible for you. We’ve arranged a great deal with our friends at Wix. They’re an extremely easy-to-use, reliable and popular web host, and they can host your web content brilliantly.

Yet another kick in the teeth from the web for LOYAL customers, one of the reasons for my choosing TalkTalk was the web hosting. Its part of the package, we pay for it, yet in a sentence in an e-mail they take it away. Oh yes they are sorry.

So they are friends with Wix, and recommend using them. I looked at what TalkTalk had done special for us, NOTHING, you cannot transfer your website you can use Wix toy town schoolboy website builder and have adverts on you pages, no way can they host a Grabber.

Well I have moved my Website and all of my Grabbers, I wasn’t looking forward to it but it wasn’t too difficult a task, I have managed to incorporate my old (interesting) web site which I had left on for historic reasons.

I am now here :-


VLF Grabber

 LF / MF Grabber

HF Grabber

VHF / UHF Grabber

QRSS Grabber


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