ROS Modem Update

I have not commented on ROS for a while, looking back in my blog I don’t think I even commented on its last swing in the US. When the mode was launched it was considered ‘legal’ by all, then it was ‘illegal’ in the US, then it was ‘legal’, then ‘illegal’ again which is how it remains until today.

For me it has reached the stage of another mode, to use when I wish, that is still developing, with new baud rates and band widths added which is a good thing. I know of no active developer who would code a new version of a mode in request from a few users like Jose did for the 500kHz case.

I am a member of the ROS Yahoo group. Recently the US issue has reared its ugly head again. Ugly? Yes the posts soon get ugly, the constant bickering nearly got a comment from me but I resisted. I almost directed all the messages to the big Yahoo mail bin where I go and look, occasionally only, at group posts in which I have a passing interest.

I want to keep an eye on ROS development but I don’t want constant posts with character assassinations and yah booh shucks your mother smells stuff. Its a long time since I was a schoolboy.

Just in time we have ROSmodemusa Yahoo Group

Lets hope this stops the junk, it does no good for amateur Radio.

Ten Meters Short Skip

PA0SBD sent me some very nice Argo Grabs today of my 28.322730 MHz FSK QRSS3 MEPT.

Peter said:-

Below “all” screenshots where you where visible this afternoon > 16h00 UTC until now, 19:00 UTC.
The antenna is a 30mb horizontal dipole @ 5 m from the ground. [some quick fading].

The distance between us is 533km.


The 2 minute gap in the signal below is not QSB it is the period when the TX QSY’d to 28.126073 MHz to send WSPR.


Thank you Peter PA1SBD for the report.

QRSS Reports on Ten Meters

Since the switch on of the new Dual Mode MEPT The WSPR Spots have been romping in from around the EU, Portugal to the South Iceland to the North, Slovenia to the East. I like WSPR, stations who report have no choice and no operator skill or effort is required.

I still like the visual modes but the reports are much thinner on the ground. Later hopefully many Italian stations will be monitoring the 28.322MHz window for Beacons and no doubt others worldwide will take a look. For now it is the keen, skilled enthusiasts who are reliable.
Paolo IZ1KXQ has sent a daily report of my 300mW signal from Sarzana.

Signals, strength and QSB are very similar on both days, below 20th May.


Today 21st May the signal lasted a little longer before the QSB took my signal into the noise.eddie_21may


It takes just under 8 minutes to send my Call and Locator at QRSS3 so for full copy of all data that period of signal is required with no fading or interference. Using WSPR Call, Locator and Power are sent in 2 minutes. Extensive tests on 500kHz have indicated that despite the theory that QRSS would have the advantage at low signal strengths, WSPR has the edge.
For details of the 28.322Mhz Italian Beacons see Rete QRSS/QRPp a 28.322 MHz

The Next Generation MEPT at last

Just in time for the improved conditions on 10 Meters I have put my thoughts into action. I have been a bad boy for long enough, running WSPR along with QRSS, thus causing multiple suicides worldwide among the Luddite Hams who can’t conceive radio as anything more than an up and down Morse key with a valve.
I have even been told that there is no room on the 500kHz band for my 6Hz wide signal on a band that should be used as a Morse Museum. Mausoleum more like, it is not the opinion of the licensing authority, thank goodness.

With just a little concession to less KISS, I have used a AD9834 DDS chip to do my frequency control. A modified bit of PIC programming calls for a QSY from the 28MHz QRP Beacon slot to TX the WSPR data in the Whisper window. The PIC, DDS Control, QRSS and WSPR Generation and Mixer to 28 MHz are all on the same


QSY imminent, the Red LED does not show up too well in the


WSPR in progress, the Green LED is even less obvious. The pictures speak for themselves, no need for me to give the frequencies I am using.

One beauty of the new system particularly on 10 Meters is that I can put the Computer on and receive WSPR between my TX periods. Similarly I can monitor for QRP Beacons for 2 minutes in every 10 minute cycle.

The very first transmission, 350mW of RF brought a Spot from CT1JTQ. Followed by Italy, DL, OY, OZ and EA the conditions can only get better, we should be in for some fun.

It goes without saying that reports are very welcome particularly on the QRSS ident.
For details of the QRP Beacon slot mentioned see Rete QRSS/QRPp a 28.322 MHz This Italian group started with the use of readily available Crystals for the frequency.