Goodbye Hello WordPress the new main home for G3ZJO Blogs

So its all come to an end. has been a good Blog host for many years despite letting in the Spammers as members to advertise on our Blogs a little too often, and deleting one of my Blogs completely without notice or comment.
No doubt it was deleted because I used words and phrases typical of Spammers and Scammers.OF COURSE I DID you fools the Blog was titled BadBlogger and was anti Spam and anti Scam and gave warning of the activities of the bad boys who came on there, plus a few laughs about the young ladies who’s photographs I was sent. Very attractive ladies indeed but why did different named ladies have the exact same photo, and a different Minister of the blessed US$ who was kindly helping her out of her dire situations, those poor girls went through hell, losing whole families in car crashes civil war and airplane disasters.
Two girls lost their entire families and very rich fathers in crashes on the same stretch of road but traveling in opposite directions, a terrible tragic coincidence.

It is a wonder there are any rich Industrialists, Politicians and Bankers left in the country the death toll due to accidents is huge.

I must say that despite all the money I sent to Nigeria, not one of those girls showed up to display to me all the love she professed. Do you think I was just being used.

I think WordPress is a bit more professional I have had no trouble with my other accounts on here. I just think that maybe due to it being so huge we may get lost in the forest of Blogs.

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