QRSS Grabbers on QSL.net


Sometimes I run my Grabbers for days on end, often they are off for long periods. A few days ago I was running WSPR and QRSS on 40m just 200mW RF out to my 40m Doublet. I monitored my signal on SpectrumLab and noticed that the updates were not consistent, they were delayed by up to an hour.

The next day G6AVK mentioned he was having problems with his Grabber they were the same symptoms, that night a couple of other stations mentioned the same thing.

I left it a day or so awaiting a correction, nothing changed.  I have contacted qsl,net online support before, some idiot forgot his password the account hadn’t been signed into for years, The response was rapid, a new password from a real person in no time at all.

This time there was no online help subject that applied so I filed a ticket, pretty rapidly I had an e-mail, “You didn’t miss that red box did you” see the red box above.

Well I did mention that FTP upload was touchy, I thought it may be related but that has nothing to do with my problems. I was soon e-mailed by the man with his fingers in the motherboard. I was surprised no one else had reported the problem yet so we started right from scratch on what was being experienced. Cloud caching had been introduced around the time I noticed the problem.

We spent some time devoted to finding a solution, finally it was decided that the Grabbers should have a specific set of file names, (see my notice above) and be treated differently from the normal files which are cached for 1 Hour. Grabber files are cached for 2 minutes now before they time out and have to be refreshed. This means the popular 10 minute window will not age on the cloud and produce a miss timed Capture. Meteor Radar Captures, typically 2 to 3 minute window timings fit the cache period also.

If you have a Grabber with files uploaded to QSL.net and are experiencing problems the procedure is easy to carry out.