VHF 144MHz 2m WSPR Wing Tip Vortex and some Real Doppler

I enjoy 6m and 2m Aircraft reflections and return from time to time.

I captured another Helicopter reflection recently.

This time a smaller craft with less rotors I believe, there were several flying the right path around the time but the signal was not noticed until later so the culprit can not be identified.

Wing Tip Vectors

I analysed some odd signals claimed to be WTV’s previously which I was sure were AGC and mixing problems.

Today I recreated the exact replica although no Aircraft reflections are involved so the lines are relatively straight.

It took the bad old Icom IC706 and 2 WSPR signals being received at the same time one stronger than the other. Interestingly most claims of WTV’s involve an IC706.

RIGHT CLICK and select VIEW IMAGE to see more.

The major difference with the WTV claim is that I had control over both signals. In the next WSPR Frame at 10.12 I switched one of them (the weaker) off.

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