Ubuntu 10.10 and Radio

A bit delayed due to other pressures I installed Ubuntu 10.10 yesterday.
It installed in rapid time, the Wifi set itself up and I was on line in no time at all, this is how an operating system should be. Ubuntu 10.10 will boot up access the web and shut down again while my Windows XP Dual Core Processor machine is thinking about getting started and when it’s booted up to the desktop it IS ready to use, no pretending like XP does.
So what about Ham Radio Software? Nothing new here it seems, WSJT is in the repository, it installs and runs OK but yep, its an old version.

What about down loaded software, have we got to the stage when ‘Joe Bloggs’ can download and install a program like we can with Windows?
WSPR is available for download for the Linux O/S. Ubuntu 10.10 has the new ‘Ubuntu Software Centre’ which takes control of installation.

Oh what a shame, ‘An unhandled error occured’. The message box suggests the Software Centre has a problem. Funny that it installs other software fine.