Double Width WSPR Is it OK2SAM

DL6NL suggested comparing the double width signal with the correct one to see if it is indeed OK2SAM who is transmitting it. Problem where to you find the correct one. Well I decided to generate it locally using very low power on 30m into a Dummy Load. This I thought will vindicate the suspect as I am not sure how Patrick F6IRF knows it is him.

The capture below shows my signal at the bottom, the strongest trace, and the locally generated one above with details as reported as Spots.

Comparison is not that easy due to size difference but conclusive, OK2SAM is transmitting a double width signal. It will be interesting to find out if it is indeed a home brew WSPR set up he is running. The Locator is a Portable location, and he does not seem to receive any stations.

Finally to aid identification I have separated individual lines of data for comparison, the middle lines suffer from noise, the best one to illustrate is the bottom line. Sized to roughly the same dimensions.

I am now in communication with Michael OK2SAM, he is running a most interesting home built 3 band WSPR beacon, I am sure he will find out the cause of the problem soon now he knows about it.

Double width WSPR signal

On the 12th of May 2009 I spotted a strange wide signal on WSPR.

At first DL6NL and I thought it could be a new home brew WSPR TX not yet adjusted correctly. I checked the exact width of the signal and found it to be exactly double the correct deviation. Unlikely I think that someone capable of producing his own system would adjust to precisely double.

One way to achieve this would be to use a system which used a doubler on the correct WSPR signal to reach the desired transmit frequency.
F6IRF has recently seen the signal again, it seems to be the same signature, the mystery deepens, does this operator know what he is doing, surely he has never had a decode.