Sugar Sync Free Zone

This Blog and all my others plus Data storage, Public Shared Folders and Folders shared with friends are now Sugar Sync free zones.

There was considerable work involved in moving everything, I did not enjoy the experience but I do not like people and companies who use others and break promises.

Hopefully no images will disappear from my Blogs when the fraudulent theft of earned storage takes place.

SAQ Transmission 24 Dec 2013

Here is the latest transmission from the Alexanderson VLF Transmitter 17.2KHz


It starts with a little of the preamble prior to 08.00 UTC and ends after the generator wind down at switch off.


It is a big file .WAV and can be played in Windows Media Player etc. also directly inputted for analysis in SpecLab.


Thanks to Clive for allowing use of his Photographs taken on his visit see for more

Unfortunately at 2mins into the message the latest local piece of consumer horror is switched on so we have the added pleasure of an accompanying buzz.

The early morning and late night sessions of this beast can be viewed on my VLF Grabber. G3ZJO VLF Grabber


Current thinking is that someone is using a 625 line TV as a monitor in their bedroom, switched on when the alarm goes off in the morning and again for TV in bed last thing at night. The contraption must be faulty to radiate such awful VLF interference. There is a carrier that can be seen at 15.625KHz which indicated a video device.

Can You Trust Radio Reviews

I used to avidly read reviews in the magazines then I purchased an IC706, the reviewer said this little rig can even be used to listen to your favorite FM Broadcasts when you are out portable. The reviewer was obviously just quoting what the manufactures say in the brochure. I took mine out and about in the Caravan for several years, never once did I listen to an FM Broadcast. It received them yes, but several at the same time,it was rubbish.
This of course reflected in the overall performance in the Amateur Bands. 144MHz for instance is either deaf (pre amp off) or cross modulation and image reception is rife (pre amp on).

Reviews of rigs are very often a copy of the manufacturers claims. This can be seen in anything that uses the AD9850 DDS module with claims of performance to 40MHz even 60MHz, reviewers are just blindly copying the lies from far eastern EBay suppliers.

Then there was a revue of a commercial doublet with balanced line feeder and an unun to coax which became famous for catching fire. The Reader / Reviewer got some odd results in his test. He had mounted the feed point at the top of an aluminium mast and taped the balanced line all the way down the pole.

There is definitely a financial arrangement involved in some reviews.

Now we have the Blogger reviewer breed, he sees a new rig copies and pastes the photo and talks about the spec and performance, good and bad points, having never seen one.

There is also the Kit Builder who puts on his rose coloured glasses having built summut what werks at last and tells you all the wonderful things it does having never tested the thing properly. The thing can have major problems he doesn’t notice and he will quote not only performance he has not tried and will repeat absolutely impossible performance claims from some pie in the sky it ‘might even be able to’ speculation as fact.

Technical information from the clueless.

I am afraid now all reviews get from me is a glance at the photo’s.

SugarSync Cheeky Blighters

Over a year ago I found SugarSync, I think they were promoting their free Files and Photo’s storage via magazines and web sites.
They used me to promote their service and I earned extra free Gigabytes of storage, it is quite a decent system and I did recommend it extensively.

Now they say they are going to charge.

Thanks for using SugarSync. Per our email on December 10th, we will transition to a paid service on February 8th, 2014. In order to continue using SugarSync you will need to upgrade your account.

Making this change is something we’ve planned for a while. It will allow us to serve you better and add features that will help SugarSync users get more from the service.

No apology from them, they have had it planned for a while, thanks.

I will apologise

1)If I introduced you to this so called free service.

2)If some images vanish from this blog due to my enforced task of re-locating many photos and re-linking in the html.