SPAM SPAM SPAM Again is Inundated.

It must be that time of year again.

Last year at the beginning of January I wrote “Hands up if you haven’t had a comment from XXX”

This year it is AllisonCuper, KylieSongs, MorsenM, GwenFild, posting links for increasing your Twitter followers. For heavens sake I ignore follower requests by the dozen every day, accept them and you will be lumbered by idiots like these so called Bloggers. please do we have to put up with this annoying rubbish.


Just after I had posted I has another one this time the User Name on is Zoramint.

Now a few minutes later EdithMors.

As the evening wears on we have a new user name cirilsart, ‘her’ user tags say it all vile person empty blog constant Spammer. We don’t need this.

Now minutes later Allison Workout then BelleMirors