What can you do when you are Drugged Up and Brainless

I have been feeling under the weather for a few days. I woke up this morning with a huge infection, no panic nothing new here. An early morning visit to the GP and I spent the rest of the day feverish and drugged up not wanting to do anything but I can’t do the laying in bed thing. So I sat in the shack and put my feet up, occasionally opening one eye to see what was going on. What can you do when you are drugged up dozy feeling brainless and fed up? INSTALL WINDOWS OF COURSE. My Dual Core PC running Windows XP which has been installed for a while, maybe 2 years, has been doing what Windows does, taking longer to boot up and close down. Not a huge problem but it can try the patience, worse was the recent experiences with Spectrumlab Software. On three occasions I fired up the computer and Speclab, for checking 8.92KHz tests from PA. Using a 424uHz bandwidth instance of Speclab it takes about an hour before you see the first line in the waterfall, over the hour you get 1%,2%,3% indications, when it reached 99% it froze. On the worst day it did that then the next instance I started got to 100% and threw up a ‘Memory Exception Error’. So that is 2 hours wasted, I started the third instance and 3 Hours after I wanted to use Wunderful Windas I had my first almost indistinguishable line of data. I checked my e-mails only to read:- ‘Dear LF the Transmitter is off’. Yes that is not a bad way to spend a crap day, slip another Hard Drive in the machine abandon a crap XP and install a new instance. I have SpectrumLab and Firefox installed plus the essential Antivirus, it will take a time to install all the software and files I need so that this becomes my Main Drive. By the time I get it all done it will be starting to slow down again and we will have to start all over again.