VLF Storms on Saturn and in the UK

If you want to get away from that crackly old static (Sferics) that plagues the lower radio frequency range there is not a lot of chance on Earth as the approximately 100 lightning strikes per second around our globe travel further than the circumference.
NASA has released some audio of the Sferics from the storms on Saturn this rules out that region as a quiet remote receiver location. Seriously though its the Sferics that many of people are interested in, studying everything related, including weather forecasting.

Its quite a feat getting data back from the Cassini Spacecraft, I don’t know the system used but given a slow data rate, (it was captured on March 15th 2011 and released on July 6th) it should be a piece of cake to get the 12 second 1.65MB clip back home. After all they do high quality pictures pretty good.

The recording is digital of course, we don’t even record in analogue much at home these days, and compressed in time, I think it is 1 minute compressed to 12 seconds, obviously there is a fair bit of bandwidth limiting, I think there is probably frequency shifting and from the characteristics the audio spectrum, could even, I suspect, be inverted. I would like to hear it turned upside down.

Anyway the results when analysed using SpectrumLab look and sound very much like the Sferics on Earth.

Coming down to Earth we had some heavy rain on July 7th, no lightning here but it was all around, the sky went black there was a double rainbow and a terrific noise from the shack when a downpour started. There had been heavy showers all day but those rain drops had no free electrons sitting on them for a ride.

There are no volume adjustments between the noisy and normal recordings here, it is exactly as was.