23cm WSPR

Lets make life even harder shall we.

I have done some local, arranged WSPR on 23cm it is most interesting for seeing Reflections from low flying Aircraft in the area which do not worry WSPR decodes much. I have recently been beaming South East, North, and North West to see if anyone wants to try and Spot my signal. It seems there should be quite a surge in 1296MHz activity judging by the number of this sg-lab range of Transverters 23cm Transverters

They are nicely designed and built.

I am using the dial frequency of 1296.500 if anyone want’s me to put my beam on them just drop me an e-mail. g3zjoATnptonDOTplusDOTnet

The South East heading of 125deg from here is sure to yield results soon.

Burtons have got a New Taylor – 70MHz Baggy Trouser Brigade

We can’t all be wearing the wrong trousers can we Grommit ? I couldn’t display all the stations on one WSPR.net map so I had to do a paste job, can you see the join Ern ?

Conditions, flat, no forecast of extended Tropo or SporadicE. Two of the keen Es boys are absent. Not much chance of a report on 4m with just 5W and a loft dipole then aye lad ?

Well only 42 Spots today and best DX 221Km I think that’s well past Wensleydale.


I mentioned that PA (Netherlands) stations were off the end of my dipole so I could only envy those who regularly cross the channel. After a break midsummer I was back on 70Mhz for the Tropo season. There have been some nice results on low power WSPR and yes a couple of hops across to PA0O for me.

There is still some Es to be found on 4m as well as Tropo including an interesting Spot of G3THQ
2015-10-20 08:04 G3THQ 70.092536 -14 1 IO91un +37 5.012 DB0ZDFSDR JN49cx 623 387

At first this looked rather dubious, G3THQ remains after a couple of days the only station to be seen on WSPR on any band by DB0ZDF SDR which I assume is an SDR at the DB0 station. DB0ZDFSDR has been appearing recently in the 4m Activity List on wsprnet.org I hope he keeps trying.

4m 70MHz Sporadic E Unique Reporters July 2015

Someone recently said “ after trying 4m WSPR I thought why bother”.

Well I know why I do, these unique reporters are all possible and most regularly repeatable with my genuine 5Watts to a Loft Dipole under fairly flat conditions.
There are often PA stations being received by others, they are a bit end on for my dipole, time will tell.

2015-07-25 10:38 G3ZJO 70.092577 -25 1 IO92ng +37 5.012 EI8IQ IO62sf 380 236
2015-07-23 20:06 G3ZJO 70.030134 -20 -1 IO92ng +37 5.012 G8LDJ JO01jh 157 98
2015-07-21 21:34 G3ZJO 70.092560 -23 0 IO92ng +37 5.012 G6HSM JO01mg 172 107
2015-07-15 15:52 G3ZJO 70.092515 -24 1 IO92ng +37 5.012 G3THQ IO91un 88 55
2015-07-15 14:08 G3ZJO 70.092504 -21 1 IO92ng +37 5.012 G0MJI IO83ni 180 112
2015-07-14 21:10 G3ZJO 70.092514 -19 1 IO92ng +40 10.000 G6AVK JO01ho 127 79
2015-07-09 11:14 G3ZJO 70.092516 -21 0 IO92ng +37 5.012 4X1RF KM72ls 3592 2232
2015-07-06 16:02 G3ZJO 70.092460 -16 0 IO92ng +37 5.012 M0NKA IO92ak 76 47

I had my doubts about the 4X1RF report I get Spots regularly from him on 6m.However PA0O had 2 reports from him earlier on the same day and queried them on wsprnet.org 4X1RF replied thus:-

10:13 4X1RF Jaap, decodes were 100% on 4m, funny you ask, Hi! Used the HPSDR with preamp and 70MHz filter.

So I am happy it was genuine.
Wrong Trousers Rule OK