Packet, APRS and the ISS Space Station

I have been away from Packet for a while :- Old hat, BBS’s closing down and just a small population of Pipe Smoking, Wurthers Original sucking, Pullover wearers left.

I gave up with APRS too when everyman and his dog decided that he was gods gift to radio, digipeating, and Internet linking and jammed up the system.

This means I have also been away from checking the ISS packet activity too.

With old computers scrapped out I noted the other day that I had no packet capability now, time to take another look at the situation. I found APRS has changed totally, it is much less congested and the Internet linking seems well organised.
I then looked at the Space Station signals, they were strong on both my beam antenna and co-linear vertical. I then tried getting a signal into the ISS APRS SGATE, that was not so easy with a few failed tries. Right then a challenge, I like those.

Today a couple of passes were in range at mid morning so I used about 20Watts to my 9 ele Tonna beam on 2 meters. Success, there are quite a few stations active to compete against, judging by the distances covered no doubt some pretty strong stations too, but I made it.

Just like Albert’s mum and dad who had their son eaten by the lion and proved it by showing his cap, it is nice to go to the web and see proof with the data recorded there.

First thing the UK Map.

Next the Station list.

The Messages from ISS.

00:00:00:43 : IN3KLQ]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,OE3XUR:=4617.32N/01130.40EyOpr.Giuliano {UISS41}
00:00:00:47 : RS0ISS-4]CQ,SGATE,qAR,OE3XUR:]ARISS – International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)
00:00:01:03 : YU7RD]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,OE3XUR:=4532.92N/01930.11E-Op.Vlado/BBS:YU7RD@9A0BBS.HRV.EU {UISS52}
00:00:01:23 : PD2RLD-8]APOT21,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG:!/3Xe:OrW6- st – Roland –
00:00:01:28 : EA6XQ-15]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,ON7EQ-1:Hello To All! Software:UISS v5.2.6
00:00:01:29 : IN3KLQ]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,OE6PWE-2:73 frm Italy via ISS Giuliano
00:00:01:39 : G3ZJO]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG::BLNQSL1/1:G3ZJO-6,G0BWC-3,S51KV,DL6SDA,DB3LA-6,PD2RLD-8,IN3KLQ{UISS52}
00:00:01:49 : IN3KLQ]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG:=4617.32N/01130.40EyOpr.Giuliano {UISS41}
00:00:02:03 : G3ZJO]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,OE6PWE-2:Hi All : UISS 5.2.6
00:00:02:09 : PD2RLD-8]APOT21,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,OE6PWE-2:!/3Xe:OrW6- st – Roland –
00:00:02:17 : DB3LA-6]ARISS,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,OE6PWE-2:=5132.92N/00649.38E`vy73 from Rhine-Ruhr-Area via ISS {UIV32N}
00:00:02:20 : DL6SDA]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,OE6PWE-2:=4906.27N/00907.71E- vy73 de Wolf DL6SDA
00:00:02:23 : HA3HT]4V1T21,RS0ISS-4*,WIDE,qAS,OE6PWE-2:’-1Sl -/]
00:00:02:48 : RS0ISS-4]CQ,SGATE,qAS,G7JVN-6:]ARISS – International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)
00:00:02:54 : G3ZJO]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,MM1PTT:=5216.60N/00054.39Wy73′ Via ISS from Central England {UISS52}
00:00:03:17 : G0BWC-3]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,SGATE,WIDE2-2,qAS,G7JVN-6:]RIP John G1YYH-SK
00:00:03:18 : RS0ISS-11]DL6SDA,qAR,DH4LAR-10:Message:
00:00:03:39 : IK3ZGB-2]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,MB7UOD:=4542.75N/01142.00E`73′ Via ISS de Cris {UISS52}
00:00:03:48 : DL6SDA]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,SM5SRR-1:=4906.27N/00907.71E- vy73 de Wolf DL6SDA
00:00:03:58 : DG4BR]APU25N,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG:]240954zUI-View32 V2.03
00:00:04:05 : DB3LA-6]ARISS,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG:=5132.92N/00649.38E`vy73 from Rhine-Ruhr-Area via ISS {UIV32N}
00:00:04:13 : MW0AQZ]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,SM5SRR-1::Heard :DG4BR,G0BWC-3,G3ZJO{UISS52}
00:00:04:27 : MW0AQZ]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,2E0XSD::G0BWC-3 :Healthy 2011 to all via ISS. 73 de Wyn
00:00:04:31 : MW0AQZ]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG:=5318.15N/00438.79W-fm IO73QH EU-124 Holy Island SH28 73 de Wyn {UISS52}
00:00:04:39 : G3ZJO]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,EI7IG:=5216.60N/00054.39Wy73′ Via ISS from Central England {UISS52}
00:00:04:49 : RS0ISS-4]CQ,SGATE,qAR,MM1PTT:]ARISS – International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)
00:00:06:48 : RS0ISS-4]CQ,SGATE,qAR,MM1PTT:]ARISS – International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)
00:00:08:48 : RS0ISS-4]CQ,SGATE,qAR,VO1BIL:]ARISS – International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)
00:00:10:48 : RS0ISS-4]CQ,SGATE,qAR,VO1BIL:]ARISS – International Space Station (BBS/APRS on)
00:00:19:49 : YV5JUT]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,YV5JUT-5:=1024.62N/06656.37W-Hi from Caracas via ISS {UISS52}

00:00:03:40 : SQ9MES]APRS,RS0ISS-4*,qAS,OE6PWE-2:Hello from Olkusz via ISS Op. Mariusz
00:00:04:01 : G3ZJO]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,OE3XUR::EMAIL
00:00:04:07 : DM2FDO]CQ,RS0ISS-4*,qAR,ON7EQ-1:=5223.48N/01334.65E-73 de Horst {UISS52}

I then copied my own on screen sent signals and received digipeated signals from the ISS.

So there we have it, lots of stations heard via the ISS and I was heard by lots too, I am not bothered with thinking about calling any a QSO, there must be enough information there to qualify for a few. I am just happy to have made it in again.

Now then where is this Nano sailboat satellite thingy.