The web is OK but it can be an awful pain, recently when visiting my sites I and others have been greeted with this.


I can only apologise and assure you I am working long hours to sort it out. It is happening because Photobucket have decided to charge for hosting which has been free for over a decade, following in the shoes of Dropbox and Sugarsync they are holding old customers to ransom asking for a $ US a day for the service which was free. They also run a Photo print service also printing on Calendars, Canvas, Mugs and Cushions, please don’t use them I won’t now. There is free storage elsewhere so its goodbye to Photobucket once I have moved and re linked hundreds of files.

The Photobucket site is now a nightmare with pop up advertisements that obliterate the files in your folders. They are clearly desperate for income.

One day perhaps there will be too much involved when a service provider decides to change the rules or goes bust and I will be forced to abandon my sites, but I am not beaten yet.